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Dynamic Weight Shifts  :54

Video Exercises For Stroke Survivors on YouTube

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Easy Leg Exercises (Guided by a Physical Therapist)  10:22

Single Leg Stance (balance)  :54

Supine Knees Side to Side (Trunk Rotation)  :50

Sit to Stand  1:05

Sitting Weight Bearing Elbow Flexion and Extension  :50

Arm Exercises for Stroke Patients (Best Table Top Exercises)  10:35

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Updated 8-17-2019

Best Hand Exercises at Home  10:00

Staggered Stance (balance)  :40

Core Exercises to Improve Balance and Walking  9:41

Note:  You can find additional videos on "stroke" such as "What is a stroke?", "Your Risk of Stroke",  "Hemorrhagic Stroke (Brain Hemorrhage)", "Teen stroke survivors" and many more at   and enter the word STROKE in the Search box.