​​Activities/Photos 2018

Thousands of walkers united together in the June 2 Denver Heart & Stroke Walk to make a difference in people's lives.  Mary, Bryan, Rebecca, Kelli and Shirley took part as the LUH Team.  Kelli and Shirley did the 5K Walk, and Rebecca, Bryan and Mary did the 1K Survivor Walk!

June 14 - Sandstone Park (large shelter) Dan Zimmerman from SpokesFightingStrokes.org gives his inspirational talk and brought the amazing adaptive bikes for us to try out.

Longmont City Council and Mayor Bagley present Proclamation Designating the Month of May 2018 as "Stroke Awareness Month" in Longmont, Colorado to Jacque, Shirley, Yvonne and Mary at meeting on May 1, 2018.

   Tara Comes Back Strong
     National Stroke Association July 17, 2018

   Tara Dinkel calls June 14 her “strokeversary,” as it was 13 years ago on that date when she had a stroke and 15 years ago on that same date when     

   she married Bryan Clay.

   She was fit, had none of the risk factors for stroke but at 25 experienced an ischemic stroke while walking around a lake in Loveland, Colorado, with          her husband. She spent several days in a local hospital before being airlifted to Swedish Medical Center in Denver.

   “I had to have surgery because of swelling in my brain,” says Dinkel. “They kept me in an induced coma for three weeks to rest my brain.”

   She would spend three months at Craig Rehabilitation Hospital in Denver and countless hours in outpatient therapy as she recovered from her left-              side paralysis—with supportive friends and family with her every step of the way.

   She volunteers at UCHealth in Aurora, Colorado, visiting stroke survivors “to let them know that life’s not over—that you can recover from stroke.

   “I can see the sadness in their eyes when I first visit,” she said. “But if I can just see the smile on their faces when I tell them my story, it makes       

   me whole.”

   Last May 6, Dinkel and her husband walked the National Stroke Association Comeback Trail 5K in Littleton, Colorado.

   “I did it for all the survivors fighting to get their lives back and I did it for those who couldn’t,” said Dinkel. “It was hard but I pushed myself and                was encouraged when I saw so many other survivors.”

Article Appears in StrokeSmart Magazine, Issue 3, 2018